Pilates is not just another exercise program claiming to make you fit and lean in 10 days. It is a complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit which provides a quality of movement of movement that will change your life.

The Benefits of Swissbody Pilates

  • All the body fascia types are mobilized and stimulated throughout the body
  • Excellent for fascia therapy
  • It will Improve strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Tone and build long, lean muscles
  • Challenge deep abdominal muscles to stabilize the core
  • Create a strong and well-toned pelvic floor
  • Engage the mind and improve body awareness
  • Develop efficient patterns of movement, reducing chances of injury
  • Reduce stress, relieve tension, and boost energy through proper breathing
  • Restore postural alignment
  • Create a stronger, more flexible spine
  • Promote recovery from strain or injury
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination
  • Offer relief from back pain and joint stress
  • Correct over-training of muscle groups
  • Prepare your body correctly for any sport

The Swissbody® Pilates Method

At Swissbody ® Pilates, we adhere to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, while adding contemporary knowledge and adaptations to the original method. This allows us to perform exercises that are anatomically and biomechanically correct while in a supportive and personalized environment.