Private Lessons

10 Private Lessons
1300.- CHF
Conditions: Minimum 2 lessons per week
Time limit: 2 months

1 Private Lesson
135.- CHF
Level 5 Pilates Instructor

Class Package Savings
50.- CHF
Every 10 lessons

1 Private Lesson
145.- CHF
Swissbody Master Instructor

Class Package Savings
150.- CHF
Every 10 lessons

175.- CHF
Per Lesson / week
Annual Forfeit

1 Private Lesson
155.- CHF
2nd Generation Pilates Master

Class Package Savings
200.- CHF
Every 10 lessons

250.- CHF
Per Lesson / week
Annual Forfeit

To obtain a package of 10 private lessons for a Swissbody or 2nd Generation Pilates Master Instructor, it is necessary to pay the annual forfeit

Semi-Private Lessons

1 Semi-Private Lesson
80.- CHF

5 Semi-Private Lessons
380.- CHF
Limit 6 Weeks

You Save: 20.-CHF
CHF 76.-per lesson

10 Semi-Private Lessons
720.- CHF
Limit 2 months

You Save: 80.-CHF
CHF 72.-per lesson

25 Semi-Private Lessons
1650.- CHF
Limit 3 Months

You Save: 350.-CHF
CHF 66.-per lesson

* This package can be shared by members of the same family living at the SAME address. 

Terms and conditions for price packages and annual forfeit prices

1. Terms and conditions for all price packages:

  • Please note that a price package cannot be refunded. In the event of an accident or severe illness, the price package can be suspended for a limited period (2 months) on presentation of a medical certificate.
  • To be able to benefit from a price package , all lessons must be paid in advance and should be completed within the limited periods.

2. Rules and conditions for the annual forfeit:

  • We thank you for paying your annual forfeit before the end of January each year.
  • If you start paying your “price package” within the first 6 months of the year (January to the end of June), you will be asked to pay the full price for the year.
  • If you start paying your “price package” within the second 6 months of the year (July to the end of December), you will be asked to pay half price for the year.
  • Please note that the annual forfeits cannot be refunded.
  • All the studio rules apply.

Clients who pay the annual forfeit will always have priority bookings.