Mission and Philosophy

At Swissbody® each client’s body and mind are unique. Just as an athlete’s performance is enhanced with personalized training programs, our clients are offered Pilates instruction that guarantees individual results, whether participating in private, semi-private or small group classes.

Our highly trained, professional Pilates teachers aim to make a difference in the way each client feels whether it be an adolescent looking for improved posture, an adult seeking fitness and inner strength or an athlete recovering from injury or striving for superior performance. We believe that only through an individualized, quality approach can our clients achieve the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit that the Pilates method inspires.

The Swissbody® Pilates Method

You are welcome to visit any of our fully equipped Pilates studios between 7h30 and 19h30 Monday to Friday and between 8h30 and 14h30 on Saturdays. Swissbody® Pilates Centres are located in Champel, Rive, Lausanne Palace Hotel and South Africa.