The Swissbody®Pilates Centres


The Swissbody® Pilates Centre in Champel is the original Swissbody® Pilates studio opened by Susan Pepper Arena in 1998. This studio is the oldest remaining Pilates studio in Switzerland. Calm, bright and airy, it consists of a reception area, dressing rooms and 4 separate Pilates rooms which are all equipped with top quality Pilates machines and accessories. It is here where we do most of the Pilates teacher training and continuing education workshops.

How to find us?
Swissbody® Pilates Centre 16, avenue Jules Crosnier 1206 Geneva
Telephone: +41 22 346 42 82


In the autumn of 2015, the Swissbody® Group, opened their new Pilates centre in the heart of central Geneva. Freshly renovated in calm greys and wooden tones, this state of the art Pilates studio consists of a reception area and waiting room, dressing rooms and 4 large, sunny and fully equipped Pilates studios. There is plenty of fresh air to breath in this 4th floor space but, for the hot summer months, this centre also has overhead air conditioning.

How to find us?
Cr de Rive 4, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 311 2880

The Swissbody® Pilates Method

At Swissbody ® Pilates, we adhere to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, while adding contemporary knowledge and adaptations to the original method. This allows us to perform exercises that are anatomically and biomechanically correct while in a supportive and personalized environment.