Group Classes

Pilates Matwork for 5; Trios; Duos on machines

Pilates Matwork with or without small Pilates equipment for a maximum of 5 people.
Price: CHF 430.00 per trimester (1 class per week)

Trios: Pilates Matwork with or without small Pilates equipment for a maximum of 3 people.
Price: CHF 470.00 per trimester (1 class per week)

Duos on machines :Intermediate or Advanced level Pilates classes for 2 people on Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair or Barrel
Price: CHF 765.00 per trimester (1 class per week)

Group Classes days and times Champel and Rive (January 2023) :

Monday :
12.30 : Intermediate/Advanced Group Class (Rive)
18.00 : Beginners Group Class (Champel)

Tuesday :
12.30 : Intermediate Group Class (Champel)

7.30 : Intermediate/Advanced Group Class (Champel)

Thursday :
12.30 : Beginners/Intermediate Group Class (Rive)
13.30 : Intermediate Group Class (Rive)

Conditions for Pilates Matwork for 5, Trios and Duos on machines:

  • Maximum 5 people per Pilates Matwork class/ 3 people for “Trios” and 2 people for“duos” on machines .
  • The classes are one hour. Please arrive on time, as the warm-up period of the class is very important to avoid injury.
  • Please be advised, that due to reduced attendance during the Genevan public school holidays, the classes will be closed.
  • The months of December and January are counted as one month: the first two weeks of December and the last two weeks of January. There are no classes over the Christmas and New Year period:
    1st Trimester: December and January, February, March;
    2nd Trimester: April, May and June;
    3rd Trimester: September, October and November.
  • All classes should be paid for before the beginning of each trimester.
  • We ask you to give us a least 2 weeks notice if you decide to stop attending classes.
  • SWISSBODY reserves the right to postpone or cancel any class that is under subscribed. We will do our best to advise participants of such cancellation or deferment in advance.