Véronique Pérusset

Full LEVEL 5 certification SWISSBODY® PILATES ACADEMY, Second generation pilates master



Born in Gruyère in 1966, Véronique first practiced artistic gymnastics at a high level before turning to dance. Feeling the need to express herself through movement and music she later she began to teach dance for couples for more than 10 years.


In 2006, she met Susan Pepper Arena and discovered the strength and benefits of the Pilates method. Immediately conquered by this method and by the approach of the Swissbody Academy, she began the full teacher training course at the Swissbody Pilates Academy. Once certified, she worked for Swissbody in Geneva and Lausanne for 4 years. In 2016, she was certified as a “2nd generation Pilates teacher” by Lolita San Miguel on completion of the PMMP training (Pilates Master Mentor Program). The same year, she opened her own studio in Lausanne. For several years, she has regularly trained the dancers and actors of the Cie Philippe Saire in Lausanne.


In February 2022, Véronique is happy to join Swissbody Geneva again in order to continue to teach and motivate people with attention to their needs. Intuitive, persevering, and joyful, she lives her life trough movement and wishes to transmit her energy through her teaching.


Véronique speaks French and English.



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