Liselore Chodorovsky



liseloreBorn in Paris in 1972, she started classical dance at the age of 8, in Geneva at the school of Geneviève Chaussat and then in Zürich at the SBBS directed by Ljuba and Pierre Dobrievitch.


In 1991, she turned to the technique of jazzdance at “Stepping Out Cie” (Geneva) with B.Matteuzzi, C.Y. Roulin and F. Philippon and performed in Lithuania, Germany, Italy and France and then won first prize at the National Dance Competition in Geneva.


In Paris Liselore worked in “Cie jazz Rick Odums” and "Ballet Dance & CO" with Thierry Verger. After working various styles from operetta ("Die Fledermaus", directed by J.Savary) to cabaret - music-hall (European cruise), she also danced for four years in Israel in several companies while taking up studies in architecture.


As of 2002, back in Geneva, she worked in 3D interior architecture while still teaching dance. In 2014 she turned to Pilates as a complementary training at Swissbody® Pilates Academy and graduated to teach matwork and machines. Liselore feels that knowledge and transmission are the best tools for teaching Pilates and feeling the benefits.


Liselore speaks French, English and Hebrew.


The Swissbody® Pilates Academy

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